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Michael Leizerman

Chameleon Carriers: Highway Dangers You May Never See Coming

When it comes to government regulations and public safety laws, most trucking companies do their best to comply. After all, they can’t make money if their trucks—and the goods they transport—aren’t allowed on the roads. Yet, there exists a subset […]

Michael Leizerman

How the New ELD Mandate Could Change the Trucking Industry for the Better

  The December 18th deadline for compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA’s) new ELD mandate has been a long time coming. First passed by Congress five years ago, the rule has been legislated and litigated as one […]

Michael Leizerman

Mr. Musk’s new Tesla Trucks may be a Boon for Safety

Elon Musk stayed true to his word on November 16th; unveiling the first fully electric semi-truck that also comes equipped with Tesla’s semiautonomous technology in addition to automatic braking and lane departure warnings. In Mr. Musk’s own words, the truck […]

Michael Leizerman

Report: NTSB Says Plenty of Blame to Go Around with Tesla/Big Rig Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board released a final crash report last week concerning a side-impact collision between a tractor-trailer and a Tesla vehicle equipped with autonomous driving mode—resulting in the death of the Tesla driver and heightened scrutiny of the […]

Michael Leizerman

FHA Makes U-Turn on Highway Sign Font Choice

Most drivers read highway signs (or should), but few are likely paying attention to the font type that is used on them. The Federal Highway Administration has been experimenting with the use of the font “Clearview,” on some highway signs […]